8 Jan

Respecting the Virtual Admin

I am finding that I have been a bit spoiled in the corporate world by policies and procedures. In a corporate setting we don’t have to worry about being able to set boundaries or how to enforce them because there are polices in place to protect employees and an HR team to enforce those policies. Opening my own business has quickly shown me how important those policies are.

Since I don’t have a HR team to talk to I thought I should just make a general list of things you should not do.

  • Language – Even the thickest skinned person does not deserve to be cussed at and it is highly unprofessional
  • Not observing set office hours – there are emergencies where there can be an exception but it should not be the norm
  • Not valuing their time – insisting on creation of forms and documents in seconds or in past tense
  • Flip flopping priorities – again there are always exceptions but a constant flipping of agendas leads to mistakes
  • Treat them like doormats – We should be treated the same as any CEO -We are professionals who offer a service that you requested from our companies

I am sure I could sit here all day coming up with things I have encountered but I need to get busy for my clients. Please remember if you wouldn’t say it to the person sitting in the office, you shouldn’t say it to your Virtual Admin.