29 Apr

Is your Company getting the best of you?

There are two incredibly different ways to take that question, right? How you view and decide to answer is extremely telling.

As a small business owner, I know it is easy to lean toward the negative side and see this question as a warning that people are trying to take advantage of you. Is that what you thought?

It’s understandable. Small businesses are full of growing pains and learning curves. But there is another way to view this question and feel inspired, to create the life you want to live.

Let’s look at it from the sunny side of life why don’t we.

Yes, owning your own company is HARD! You work non stop with the goal of delivering a product or service that stands above all others. Yes, you have to dig deep somedays to remember why you even wanted this, but it can be so rewarding.

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Every day give your best to someone. We all have a customer that tries our patience instead of getting frustrated, ask them what their expectation is or was for the day, you may find it changes their tone. Maybe your spouse is needing a “pick me up” send a quick text to brighten their day. That staff member that handles everything and never complains, leave a treat on their desk. If you look around it’s not so hard to find at least one person that you can inspire and lift up just by simply giving them your best.

Today, Tomorrow, Next week… Even if for only a few minutes, let someone get the best of you. You will be amazed by how they respond.

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