Minimize your efforts to Maximize your effectiveness

After spending many years in the corporate world I truly wonder some days if I am cut out to be a business owner..

It seems, in my business anyway, that if your not screaming at the top of your lungs no one even knows your in business. I don’t want to be that lawyer on the TV screaming about how I can get you justice, or that salesman that just wont stop following even after you’ve said you were just browsing. As a woman in male dominated fields (oil field most of my career and executive level assisting ) I learned years ago that staying calm and standing firm will earn you much more respect than being “passionate”. To be take seriously I had to learn to control my emotional reactions and lower my voice, now as a virtual assistant I refuse to scream to be seen.

This goes for for any business and social media.

  • If you are not posting relevant content, why are you wasting your time?
  • If you are using 5 different medias and not seeing any gain, why are you wasting your time?
  • If you are spending all of your time doing everything but working, why are you wasting your time?

Work smarter not harder!

Let me be the calm in your storm. Lets work together to help your business reach its full potential. Not by blasting every media non stop but by producing relevant, insightful content that is posted in the right places at the right time.

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Is your Company getting the best of you?

There are two incredibly different ways to take that question, right? How you view and decide to answer is extremely telling.

As a small business owner, I know it is easy to lean toward the negative side and see this question as a warning that people are trying to take advantage of you. Is that what you thought?

It’s understandable. Small businesses are full of growing pains and learning curves. But there is another way to view this question and feel inspired, to create the life you want to live.

Let’s look at it from the sunny side of life why don’t we.

Yes, owning your own company is HARD! You work non stop with the goal of delivering a product or service that stands above all others. Yes, you have to dig deep somedays to remember why you even wanted this, but it can be so rewarding.

Every day give your best to someone. We all have a customer that tries our patience instead of getting frustrated, ask them what their expectation is or was for the day, you may find it changes their tone. Maybe your spouse is needing a “pick me up” send a quick text to brighten their day. That staff member that handles everything and never complains, leave a treat on their desk. If you look around it’s not so hard to find at least one person that you can inspire and lift up just by simply giving them your best.

Today, Tomorrow, Next week… Even if for only a few minutes, let someone get the best of you. You will be amazed by how they respond.

Work/Life Balance, What’s that?

Unfortunately we live in a world that requires money to live.

I wish we could all go back to the 50s when most houses were maintained by a single income and family was the center of everyone’s focus, but that time is gone. Most of us have to work and pray that our double incomes can pay all the bills while we stress ourselves to the point of early death. We have all seen a rise in depression and anxiety but we still keep pushing through. Well here are some tips I think we could all use to achieve some sort of balance, it will never be truly balanced but we can certainly try.

  1. Set work boundaries
    • KNOW YOUR VALUE and demand you are treated accordingly.
  2. Make time for yourself , even if it is only a 10 minute slice of the day.
    • Eat your lunch away from your desk .
    • Meditate – Rock out.
    • Go for a walk and clear your head.
  3. Don’t work excessive hours
    • Unless you are an hourly employee why would you do this.
    • Every hour you give away devalues your time and effort.
  4. Don’t bring work home
    • This one is tricky if you work from home – but still doable.
    • You don’t sit around in your boxers at work so don’t take your computer to the dinner table.
  5. Take your time off
    • You earned it! Why feel guilty about taking it. Do you feel guilty about spending your paycheck? Same principle.
    • If you don’t take time away and recharge you will start to resent those around you and lose focus.
  6. Don’t lose who you are
    • You started a company or took a job for a reason, what was that reason?
    • Are you still focused on that reason? We all get lost from time to time but you have a purpose don’t let anything take your dream away.
  7. Learn to delegate
    • No successful company or person ever got to the top alone.
    • Asking for help is the greatest strength you can have.
  8. Work smart not hard
    • Life changes daily if you are not willing to learn and change your not living.
    • There is always a simpler way to get to your goal- find it.
  9. You can love your job – but never forget there is more to life than your job.
    • Who are you when the job is gone?
    • I’ve love my career and it has provided for my family but cut backs happen and companies fail.
  10. You have a personal life
    • Do you spend as much time with your family and friends as you do your coworkers? Why not?
    • We all need to take a step back and remember why we work. Providing is important but if you lose the ones you want to provide for is it really worth it?

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Your Best Business Decision

Hey Angela, is here to remind you that you’re not alone and you don’t have to do everything by yourself, you can have dependable help at a reasonable cost. My work allows you as a small business to be productive in ways you never imagined, it allows you to delegate and grow without the cost of a full-time employee…

I am a Virtual Executive / Personal Assistant, but really, I’m an administrative specialist / office ninja / domestic goddess and perpetual student. I am a classic INFJ. What does that mean for you? I am not an idle dreamer, I take concrete steps to help realize your goals and make a lasting positive impact in your life.

I am amazing at organization, anything having to do with a computer and thinking outside the box. I’ve devoted almost 15 years to team building, project management, event / travel coordinating and pretty much anything else you can throw at an executive assistant. When you work with me, you can expect me to be your right hand in business and to have the peace of mind that you will always have my unfettered honesty, loyalty and professional attitude. You will be pleasantly surprised & delighted by my creative approaches to everyday problems, my straight forward demeanor and emails that cut straight to the point, along with my vast range of experience and knowledge.

My question for you is are you ready to take your business to the next level?

To sum it up?

I am not for the easily offended. I am a work in progress, a teacher, a student, and everything in between.

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What’s your truth?

In a world where everyone with a computer is a entrepreneur/ graphic designing / photographer/ virtual assistant/ coach of some kind / mlm or e-commerce specialist… I am an aspiring Virtual Assistant, Certified Life Coach and Cyber Security/ Information Security geek.

How did I get to this point in my life and where am I going from here.

Let’s start at the beginning.. as a 17 year old I thought I knew everything like most teens and stupidly dropped out of high school a few months before graduating with honors. I spent the next few years working in nursing homes and homes for the mentally impaired learning I knew nothing that really mattered. I gave birth to some really amazing kids during that time that deserved a mom who could provide for them so I needed to get busy!

I had learned so much working in these facilities about compassion and emotional intelligence. You’ll never never be so loved as you are walking into a assisted living home, but I knew I wanted more. So I decided to work for my step dad in his appliance shop, this was the start of really building my career even though I had no clue it was anything more than a job.

I learned how to do minor work on appliances and how to really treat a customer. I learned that while your customers are everything in a service business they are not always right, but if you take the time to really listen them you can fix any issue that arises. I learned how the schedule and take good notes. I wasn’t done learning and I still needed more, personally and professionally.. so I got divorced moved, got remarried..(not that quickly but that’s not the point of this post anyway.. ) So I needed to find a new job.

I went to work at a golf course running a pro shop. I loved my customers and I really liked being the person who was depended on. I learned basic bookkeeping and management skills while my kids were playing in the next room. As the kids got older I knew I needed to go get that diploma I had thrown away years before. So I took my GED and got my diploma (humble brag.. scored in the top 98% of test takers that year). I really craved more knowledge then and there was nothing holding me back.

I had 3 kids in school at this point and 2 jobs so time management was a must in my life but we made it work. I was home for dinner and homework then I jumped on a computer to teach myself software and IT problem solving, then tucked the kids into bed. It’s at this stage that I landed a great job for an oilfield company. I was doing accounts payable and receivable, all while soaking up any knowledge could get. I learned HR rules and how to “manage up”. I became the satellite office manger and personal assistant to the company’s owner. Being a personal assistant will teach you about loyalty and confidentiality if nothing else and I loved every minute of it! The oil field construction was slowing in my area and I was a single mom to teenagers (yep divorced again) so I had a choice to move or find another employer, and it was time to grow. By this point I was pretty proficient in all things computer. I was self taught and very proud of it so I went looking for a job to match my skills.

I found it in another oil field office in the hiring department. I learned resumes and how to read people in interview situations. (Ironically as an introvert I suck at being interviewed). When our department decided to go electronic I was the test office because I had the ability to self teach the program, I then built our training manual. Our office handled 18 locations and took a retention rate of 33% to 70% we were good at what we did. The company decided we were so good at it that the changed all of the hiring department to match our model. Putting people into the right positions and helping people grow was amazing and I was devastated when the floor fell out of the oil field service industry and I was laid off.

I had found the love of my life and acquired 5 more amazing children (yes that makes 8) and had a grand baby on the way by this point. Maybe I should have slowed down but I wasn’t ready! I mean most of the kids were leaving home or just about to so why should I not invest more time into my career.

I found a great leader who needed an Executive /Personal Assistant (Office Ninja / Domestic Goddess is a better description) who could keep his scattered life in order and who wasn’t afraid to learn and build a department with him. My type “A” personality was just what he needed and his need of me was just what I needed. We had a mutual respect for each other. We could be in the same office or country’s apart and everything just worked so smoothly. At this point I was very well versed in IT problem solving (I’m a geek in a professional disguise) and new software was a no brainer for me so why not branch into Information Security, I love helping people and keeping them safe so it was a natural move for me. I talked to everyone trying to figure out a path and started taking classes for certifications. Then my company bought a company and laid me off due to a leadership change.

So here I am.. kids are grown.. husband is amazing and I love our life.. and I honestly have no desire to go into an office anymore.

I’ve been building these skills for years why shouldn’t I put them to use and have the life I want? It shouldn’t be that hard right? Virtual Assistants are a common thing and it is a thriving industry. My skills are real and proven but because there are so many claiming to be virtual assistants it’s hard to even market myself. I belong to groups on Facebook that have followings of 1000’s and over half of those are claiming to be VA’s (most just trying to sell you a training program) while I am over here beating my head against the wall trying to get my name in the ring of entrepreneurs who want to build something real.

If your ready to have a partner who has spent years developing skills, with a proven record of success in team / program building, who understands the importance of your time— click the link below for a free consultation.

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What I can do for you?

I have been an executive assistant and office manager for years.

  • I am an administrative specialist
  • I am skilled in handling highly sensitive and confidential information I am an expert at manages emails, calendars, task, and contacts
  • I skillfully create and maintain organizational structure documents
  • I process daily spreadsheets for accounting and vendor costs that can result in decreased costs
  • I efficiently plan, coordinate and/or assist with meetings, training seminars, and special events
  • I have a proven track record in building strong management/vendor relationships
  • I perform research and compile information on new vendors and procedures
  • I have a passion for image retouching and making beautiful photos
  • I am well versed in maintaining all personal matters as well

Really if you would ask your office/project manager or secretary to do it I can handle it.  My fee structure is set up as hourly. I also have packages for those who want to retain hours monthly.  All of my information is detailed on my website and most of it in on my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

I offer free consultations as a way to talk through needs and assess the level of time required to handle the tasks that would be delegated.

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  • Are your work days getting longer and longer?
  • Have you found that you’re having a hard time focusing on business and strategic development because things like order fulfillment, etc. are pulling you away?
  • Are you finding that costly mistakes are being made because you can’t focus and you or those you work with are being pulled in many different directions?
  • How much time are you spending fixing those problems instead of creating?
  • Having thoughts that someone … anyone … can do these task better than you, and more efficiently?

What could you be delegating?

  • Calendar management
    • Everyone needs help with this one from time to time – we all get so bogged down with our commitments and appointments
      • Coordinating travel and meeting arrangements
      • Booking appointments with clients
    • Following up with clients/customers (sending thank you and other reminder emails)  
  • Team Building and General Support
    • Liaison between you and other team members
      • Need that report from your Managers but don’t have the time to call or explain it to each of them individually
    • Recruitment
      • Maybe who you are looking for is already on your team and you didn’t know they had the skill, your Assistant will know
      • Let someone else look through those resumes and pull the most qualified
    • Receptionist duties
      • You have meetings all day, but the phone isn’t going to stop ringing because your calendar is full why not have someone who you can forward those call to
        • Taking down minutes of meetings
        • Transcribing voicemail or podcast
  • Hotel and Flight Booking
    • Traveling for business or pleasure either way finding all the information is taxing on a good day.
      • Researching flight times and prices
      • Finding the best routes to the hotel
      • Finding a hotel with a pool, gym and is pet friendly
  • Reports and Software uses
    • We can’t all do everything right?
      • File management – organization makes life easier
      • Database building
      • Creating basic reports
      • Preparing Slideshows
  • Social Media taking over your life
    • You didn’t start your own company so that you could be doing social media all day. You started it because you love what your doing, let someone else deal with the social part
      • Set-up and Manage Social Media Accounts
      • Research on certain topics for blog posts, newsletters or others
      • Publish posts on your Blog (content you provided)

A virtual assistant gives you all the perks of an Executive Assistant with none of the overhead.  Think about it wouldn’t it be nice to just say “Hey Angela” and know I’m there to make life easier.

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