Hey Angela

How may I help you Administrative Support Project / Event Coordination Website design / management

Why Hey Angela?

I’m a Tech Virtual Assistant or more appropriately an Administrative Specialist with over 15 years of experience in team building, project management, event coordinating, basically being an all around office ninja / domestic goddess..

Angela is very receptive of new tasks and always goes above and beyond expectations to deliver outstanding results on any assignment she is given, or has sought out on her own. Her ability to remain flexible and highly productive in an ever changing work environment has allowed her to shine as an asset to the company. Angela’s dedication has greatly impacted the company in a positive manner which is noticed by many within the organization. It is with pleasure that I recommend Angela and her work

Daniel Havens Jr

Senior Manager

Angela is one of the most capable and driven people I have had the pleasure to work with and and and asset to any fast paced environment. She has the unique ability to take the gray loose ends tie them up and present them in order. Her loyalty is to be commended as well as her get it done work ethic. Quite frankly I wish I had a place on my staff.

Lewis Wells

Chaplin Intern at Texas Health Resources

Angela is a true professional, excellent work ethics and no task is too big or too small. Once you hand off a project you don’t have to follow up or check on her. Angela’s drive and energy is strong and her ability to bring ideas and solutions to the project is second to none. It was a pleasure working with Angela, you will find she is honest, ethical and Team player not to mention a leader as well.

Debbie Bonnette

Director of Recruiting at Key Energy Services

In the almost two years I have been fortunate to work with Angela Fisher, I have found her to be the quintessential, no-nonsense get it done now, Jaqueline-of-all-trades every organization wishes there were more of on their roster. No matter what gets thrown her way, she deftly catches it, figures it out, and delights you with a splendidly thorough and spot-on outcome. She has now decided to learn about IT and cybersecurity in particular. Angela is shooting the tops out of her exam scores. Combine that with her “no-obstacle is insurmountable” attitude and if you don’t hurry, some other lucky organization is going to beat you to providing her the next chapter of opportunities to excel and add value at every turn.

Jon Murphy

Security, Privacy, Resiliency, Risk, Compliance Advisory Senior Executive | CSO | vCISO | CIO | DPO | Author & Speaker

Angela is total pro at organization, planning and knows how to get things done. She is a people influencer and great communicator. Her loyalty is unsurpassed.

Michael Hollerich

Consultant & Owner at Hollerich Consulting, LLC

Angela is, in a word, AMAZING! I have been working with her for nearly a year. Although we’ve not met in person, it is as if we have spent years together. She has the perfect personality for long distance work. Even better is the quality of her work. Angela has helped me with several critically important projects. She has a great sense of what I want, and when there is not alignment, she quickly makes the needed changes. I can’t say enough great things about her. She is amazing.

Bruce Lines, MBA, MA

Driving force for growth utilizing amazing coaching skills, innovative talent deployment, and engaging facilitation.

Angela has been an outstanding addition to our team, and by far the best executive assistant we have had. She has gone beyond the usual duties to put operational excellence into our culture. She has helped us foster a customer first approach, improve onboarding new team members, elevate our marketing automation, stream line management of document control and management of our new software development testing. Her technical expertise and penchant to learn new technologies has been a delightful surprise benefit to the whole team.

Patrice (Taylor) Barber

CEO |Serial Entrepreneur| Executive Personal Branding| Digital marketing | Keynote Speaker

Angela is wonderful to work with and is exceptional at keeping us all organized. I’ve worked with Angela for a year now, creating content for websites she’s managing. Angela is always willing to share not only ideas and strategy but also to do whatever needs to be done tactically to help make projects and events a success. She is kind, capable, and creative – an asset to any business.

Deb Schaffer, PMP

Content Marketing and Strategy | Project Management | Live and Virtual Training | Lead Generation

  • I’m the right hand of my clients and give them the peace of mind knowing when I am working on something, they have no worries because it will be handled in a timely professional manner
  • I thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environments
  • I can maintain your current website or build you one from scratch
    ( I provide hosting for sites I build)
  • I enjoy setting up automations, so your clientele gets first class communication
  • I am an expert at managing emails, calendars, tasks, and contacts
  • I am skilled in handling highly sensitive and confidential information
  • I excel at analyzing, prioritizing, and completing tasks while exhibiting professionalism and sound judgment
  • I skillfully create and maintains organizational documents
  • I process daily spreadsheets for accounting and vendor costs that can result in decreased costs
  • I efficiently plan, coordinate and/or assist with meetings, training seminars, and special events
  • I expertly coordinate travel arrangements
  • I have a proven track record in building strong management/vendor relationships
  • I perform research and compile information on new vendors and procedures
  • I have a passion for image retouching and making beautiful photos
  • I am well versed in maintaining all personal matters as well
I work with a wide range of software and database management systems, including:

Why Do I do this

It’s Real Simple

I could give you the same song and dance most of these websites have but that would be starting our journey off with a lie and I’m not ok with that. The truth is I enjoy what I do. I worked with amazing people and I have no regrets in the career paths I have taken. I have met amazing people and learned a lot along the way. I just no longer feel the need to have a crazy commute or to fight my anxiety going into an office when I am more productive at home than in an office.

The driving force seems to be that happier workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality.

Daniel Sgroi